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Wood Siding Restoration

Wood Siding Restoration Lake City Fl

Hydro Pro Pressure Washing offers Lake City Florida’s finest wood restoration.  We restore a variety of types of wood including; log homes, rough cut cedar, rough cut cypress, cedar, cypress, pine, fences, and more.

Allow Hydro Pro Pressure Washing to restore the look back to your log home or your unpainted wood home, through stripping (if needed), Pressure washing, neutralizing, and sealing.

By stripping old stain or sealers from home allows home to have its original finish and be ready for the next step. Log home then has to be neutralized to to restore the color to the wood and also lets oils from sealers adhere to the wood properly. Your old wood can be restored to close to the original look, and it’s AFFORDABLE! Through pressure washing and chemically treating the wood your home can look new.

Do you have a fenced in back yard? Remember when your wood fence was new and looked nice? Well it can again. The wood on your fence can be restored to look just as bright and nice as it did the day it was put up, no matter how dark or grey it is. In Lake City Florida there are a lot of new wood fences being put in and when your neighbor puts in a new fence it can make yours look old and grimy. If this has happened to you give Hydro Pro Pressure Washing a call and we will give your fence a brand new look. And if you want to keep it looking good for longer we can apply a sealer to your wood fence for a complete restoration. By doing this your fence will hold its color for up to 100% longer.

Lake City Wood Restoration

All the Chemicals that Hydro Pro Pressure washing uses are 100% Biodegradable and 100% effective. When our team leaves your, home of fence restoration project not only will your wood look amazing but your landscaping and plants will not be disturbed by our chemicals and will look it’s best.

For the best wood restoration in Lake City, Florida give Hydro Pro Pressure Washing, Inc. a call and let us bring your biggest investment back to life for an affordable price.